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Bulk Rubber Mulch

We supply the best rubber mulch in bulk quantities

Where to Buy Rubber Mulch in Bulk?

You might be asking, “Where do you buy rubber mulch in bulk?” Recycled Rubber Products, LLC is the best place to buy bulk rubber mulch in the world. Buying in bulk from RRP is no problem because we actually manufacture the mulch. The recycling process starts with local businesses turning in their old tires to Treadstone Tire Recycling. TTR (our sister company) then recycles those tires through RRP. RRP recycles the tire and cleans up the rubber and manufactures beautiful mulch called KinderMulch. You can buy bulk rubber mulch called KinderMulch from RRP in Joliet, Illinois. KinderMulch can be drop shipped in bulk to any location in just days. Customers don’t have to go through a middle company. Our customers can buy direct from RRP the manufacturers of KinderMulch rubber mulch.

Buy Bulk Rubber Mulch

RRP’s bulk rubber mulch comes in three primary sizes, 3/4″, 3/8”, and Shredded. However, since we do manufacture rubber mulch, our customers can always ask for a special order mulch in a different size. Some of the places that will ask “Where do you buy rubber mulch in bulk” are Shooting Ranges, Military Pits, Equestrian arenas, Commercial Playgrounds, Museums, building owners with Indoor and Outdoor walkways, and any other former wood mulch location.

Not only do customers want to know “Where do you buy rubber mulch in bulk,” but they want to know how KinderMulch rubber mulch is shipped. Our customers have options when they buy bulk rubber mulch. There are three main ways to load KinderMulch rubber mulch in bulk. First you can use dump trucks to loose load the rubber mulch. Second, KinderMulch can be super sacked on a flat bed or trailer. Third, KinderMulch can be bagged and placed on pallets. You can always ask a RRP Sales Associate if you would like to use a combination of the three ways for delivery.

Once your order and payment is received, your order will process within 7 to 10 business days. Shipping usually takes 1 – 4 business days for arrival depending upon your location. Shipping companies do not normally guarantee a delivery date; however this can be arraigned but does cost extra money. RRP will make every attempt to have the shipping company meet delivery dates. However, RRP is not liable for delays due to inclement weather or other causes that are beyond RRP’s control. RRP’s sales Associate will help you through the entire ordering and shipping and arrival process. If you need anything we will are there for our customers.

Whether you need rubber mulch for churches, schools, military training, landscape, or equestrian rubber mulch, we have got you covered!

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