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Equestra-Turf is a rubber additive designed to mix with sand as an equestrian arena footing. Equestra-Turf can help minimize injury and maximize your equine partner’s performance by reducing damage to joints, tendons and soft tissue during training.

Equestra-Turf is a blend of rubber mulch ranging in size from 3/4 inch pieces to 1/4 inch pieces, with an average size of 1/2 inch, and is specially designed to be mixed with sand to create an ideal footing for broad range of equestrian activities. When added to sand over a well engineered base Equestra- Turf helps to prevent injury and maximize training by returning some of the energy back into your horse’s stride.

Equestra-Turf can help to correct footing that is hard or slippery. It can help in reducing dust and allows for better drainage. Equestra- Turf will not freeze in the winter and the exposed fibers can help retain moisture when watering footing in the summer.  Different types of sand will create unique footing problems, adding Equestra-Turf at the proper ratio will help correct compaction and slippery footing. Equestra-Turf is made of recycled tires and will not rot or decompose. It is five times heavier than water and will not float or wash away. Equestra-Turf is 99.9% metal free and is a green product made from recycled tires. Each ton of Equestra-Turf purchased recycles 134 tires and save countless trees!

Equestra-Turf should be mixed with concrete sand or manufactured sand, a sieve size between 10 or 50 is ideal. For dressage or western disciplines 1.5 inch of sand to 1/2 inch of Equestra-Turf mix is recommended. For jumping a 1 inch of sand to 1 inch of Equestra-Turf mix is recommended.

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