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Landscape Rubber Mulch

The perfect landscape mulch to hold it’s color for 12 years.

RhinoMulch 3/4

For long lasting curb appeal

RhinoMulch 3/4 rubber is the smart choice for your landscaping. When you chose to replace your traditional wood mulch with RhinoMulch 3/4 rubber mulch you can say goodbye to the yearly mulching project every spring. RhinoMulch 3/4 is a recycled, green product made from discarded tires. Recycled Rubber Products, LLC is recycling the community’s tires and keeping them out of dump sites and rivers as well as reducing the number of trees being cut down. RhinoMulch 3/4 is 99.9% free of trapped metal.

RhinoMulch 3/4 rubber mulch is a great choice for your landscape. The long-term benefits make it much more cost effective that traditional wood mulch in the long run. RhinoMulch 3/4 rubber mulch is non-biodegrade, and will not compact, so once you buy and install it, you will not have to replace it year after year. Rubber does not retain water, allowing the water through to nurture your soil and feed your plants. RhinoMulch 3/4 also does not mold, mildew, or attract bugs. It is softer for people and animals to step on with a beautiful, vibrant appearance that lasts for years, making it a worthwhile long-term investment.

Premium RhinoMulch 3/8

For a finished, tailored look

Premium RhinoMulch 3/8 has all the same benefits of standard RhinoMulch 3/4 with a classy, finished look. RhinoMulch 3/8 features a smaller size rubber nugget (about the size of pea gravel) with minimal fiber. Premium RhinoMulch 3/8 comes in 5 vibrant painted colors as well as an unpainted black.

Premium RhinoMulch 3/8 is considered a special order product and typically delivers within 10 to 14 business days from date payment is received. Standard shipping times depend on the carrier used.

Shredded RhinoMulch

For a traditional wood mulch look

Do you love the look of you wood mulch but hate replacing it year after year. Shredded RhinoMulch is the answer to your problem. The same traditional wood mulch look with a 12 year limited color warranty for long lasting value. Enjoy your back yard again and stop worrying about ordering new mulch every spring.

Shredded RhinoMulch will not compact, freeze, rot or mold and will keep your yard looking perfect season after season. Call us today for a quote on our Shredded RhinoMulch for your yard.

Shredded RhinoMulch is considered a special order product and typically delivers within 10 to 14 business days from date payment is received. Standard shipping times depend on the carrier used.

Landscape Professionals

Offer your clients the best mulch in the industry

Offer your clients the best rubber mulch. Call us today for pricing on commercial orders. We can delivery to your job site or can have mulch ready for pick up at our plant.

Our sales team is happy to answer any of your questions. Give us a call today.

Installation and Maintenance

We always recommend installing RhinoMulch over weed barrier. When installed correctly, Recycled Rubber Product’s rubber mulch will last for years.

  1. Clear the location of any debris and rocks
  2. Install a layer of weed barrier fabric using turf staples to adhere fabric to the ground.
  3. Install RhinoMulch over the top of weed barrier and rake RhinoMulch until level

A 2000lb supersack of our RhinoMulch products will cover:
462 sq ft at a 2 inch depth (recommended for landscaping)
RhinoMulch rubber mulch is virtually maintenance free when installed correctly. Large debris should be removed from the rubber mulch as needed. Lawn clippings, leaves and other light debris can be removed with a leaf blower.


Recycled Rubber Products values each of our customers and will work closely with you to meet your needs when it comes to delivery. We ship nationwide and our mulch typically delivers within 5 to 10 business days after payment has been received.

For our special order products: Premium RhinoMulch 3/8 and Shredded RhinoMulch please allow 10 to 14 business days from the time of purchase for delivery.

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