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Military Rubber Mulch

Helps prevent injuries to soldiers in training.

MilitaryMulch 3/4 rubber mulch is the perfect ground cover for obstacle courses, training pits, and rope courses. MilitayMulch 3/4 can help prevent injury and drains well, allowing the use of the training course much sooner after bad weather.

MilitaryMulch 3/4 is the ground cover of choice in obstacle courses, training pits and rope courses. When installed at the correct depth MilitaryMulch 3/4 will help cushion falls and prevent injuries to men and women in training. MilitaryMulch 3/4 is 99.9% metal free and is a green product made from recycled tires. Each ton of MilitaryMulch 3/4 purchased recycles 134 tires and save countless trees!

MilitaryMulch 3/4 drains well after rain or snow allowing the use of the area quickly after bad weather. MilitaryMulch 3/4 rubber mulch will not blow or wash away, attract bugs or insects, mold or mildew and is non biodegradable. EPA testing has shown that rubber mulch is non toxic and non flammable and has a 25+ year life span. By choosing MilitaryMulch for your training areas you are choosing a safe, recycled, eco friendly product that will last for years and years.

What are some other advantages in using rubber mulch?

– Doesn’t blow or wash away.

– Drains well, thus allowing use of the area within minutes of raining.

– Doesn’t attract bugs and insects.

– Absorbs the impact of a fall.

– Doesn’t disintegrate meaning it lasts for years.

How often does rubber mulch need to be replaced?

Military Mulch doesn’t decompose; therefore it will not need to be replaced. This will help keep the cost down and the trainees free from injury. Military Mulch is 99.9% free of trapped metal and therefore perfect for playgrounds, military use and any other area people or animals would be treading.

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Ballistics Rubber Mulch

Not only does Recycled Rubber Products carry rubber mulch for the military, but also rubber mulch specific for Shooting Ranges. The rubber mulch helps absorb the shock of the bullet. Call and get a quote today.

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