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Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds

IPEMA Certified KinderMulch is the best product to keep children safe.

 KinderMulch 3/4

Rustic Redwood KinderMulch 3/4

KinderMulch 3/4 rubber mulch is an IPEMA certified rubber mulch that is safer, more cost effective and a more eco-friendly alternative than traditional playground coverings.

KinderMulch 3/4 is 99.9% metal free, non toxic and is backed by a 12 year color warranty.

Starting at $589 per ton

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 Premium 3/8

Ocean Blue KinderMulch

KinderMulch Premium 3/8 rubber mulch is a smaller rubber mulch nugget than our 3/4 mulch, offering a more finished look.

KinderMulch Premium 3/8 is 99.9% metal free, non toxic, has minimal fiber and is backed by a 12 year color warranty.

Starting at $819 per ton

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Installation and Maintenance

Borders are always recommended when installing KinderMulch rubber mulch in a playground. When installed correctly, Recycled Rubber Product’s rubber mulch will last for years.

  1. Select playground location
  • Playground location should be level and well draining. Take note of safety concerns such as power lines. Playground location should also be visible from the house.
  1. Clear the location of any debris and rocks
  2. Install the playset structure per manufactures instructions.
  3. Install a layer of weed barrier fabric using turf staples to adhere fabric to the ground.
  4. Install rubber borders around perimeter of playground area.
  5. Install KinderMulch over the top of weed barrier and rake KinderMulch until level
  6. Place swing mats under swings and at the base of slides.

A 2000lb supersack of our KinderMulch products will cover:
144 sq ft at a 6 inch depth (recommended for residential playgrounds)
240 sq ft at a 4 inch depth (minimum recommendation for commercial playgrounds)

KinderMulch rubber mulch is virtually maintenance free when installed correctly. Large debris should be removed from the rubber mulch as needed. Lawn clippings, leaves and other light debris can be removed with a leaf blower.


Recycled Rubber Products values each of our customers and will work closely with you to meet your needs when it comes to delivery. We ship nationwide and our mulch typically delivers within 5 to 10 business days after payment has been received.

Premium KinderMulch 3/8 is a special order product. Please allow 10 to 14 business days from the time of purchase for delivery.

More information on shipping.

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