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Recycled Rubber Products warrants its products not to decompose or have total color loss for a period of 12 years from the date of purchase. If total color lost occurs within the 12 year period, a sample of the product must be mailed in to Recycled Rubber Products for further evaluation. After being evaluated, if the color has been completely lost, RRP will replace the product. At the end of the twelfth year, the warranty is terminated and RRP is no longer responsible for replacing the product.

Recycled Rubber Products warrants KinderMulch 3/4”, Premium KinderMulch 3/8” and Shredded KinderMulch 3” rubber mulch products to be 99.9% free of trapped metal by weight.

Recycled Rubber Products has no obligation to supply replacement product unless the customer provides (1) reasonable evidence that the product has failed within the years of warranty, and RRP has done an evaluation of the failed product, (2) provides to RRP the proof of purchase, including, but not limited to, invoice of product (3) has used product for the products intended use only, (4) pays all shipping, removal fees and installation cost of disposing or replacement product, and (5) notifies RRP in writing during the warranty period that the product has failed to meet the warranty.

These are the terms and conditions for Recycled Rubber Products, LLC.
No other warranties or policies than what is stated herein apply.

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